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Background Technopolis

        Suranaree University of Technology Receive grace from HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn's. CSR The building officially opened Technopolis. (Technopolis) on Wednesday, March 29, 2538, included a total of 9 total area of 45,000 square meters on a plot of 600 acres set Technopolis. As part of the plan to establish the university. In the early days before the development of a science and technology park, complete. The government is scheduled to take place at Technopolis is an Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition in the year 2538 (WorldTech'95 Thailand), which indicates the level of technological progress. As a result, the university is widely known.

            Technopolis has served as the central unit of the University as equivalent to a PhD. University centers and institutes Carry out its mission of service to the society. And the adjustment of the conversion technology. Info Terms SUT. Governing the establishment Technopolis 2539, announced on April 23, 2539, divided the work into six divisions: Administration facility fosters innovation Technological Institute locations. The exhibit And Academic Services

Technopolis in 2541 has divided the work into seven divisions, with six of the original and added spirits Interview Bank scored a 7.

Year 2543 was transferred from the Cooperative Education and Career Development Department as part of Technopolis. And restructure the party from 5 to 3, what is management. Academic Services And the adjustment of the conversion and transfer of technology. In the same year, Technopolis has the ISO 9002 certification from SGS (Thailand) Ltd.

Year 2546 was the restructuring of Technopolis is 5, what is management. Academic Services The adjusted conversion and technology transfer Project development, information technology department activities and special projects. The Cooperative Education and Career Development, affiliated academic.

Year 2547 Technopolis is certified ISO 9002 quality management system to adjust the ISO 9001: 2000 from SGS (Thailand) Ltd.

Year 2549 has restructured the management of Technopolis project is a 3-4 General Administration Department. Academic Services The adjusted conversion and technology transfer The Butterfly Park Project Incubator (SUT - UBI) Development of Industrial Technology, Thailand (iTAP) and the center of community learning Beach County.

Year 2551 - 2554 is divided into three segments by the 9 projects have been upgraded under the project management structure Technopolis 5 projects, including research projects and cassava products. The translation and interpreting services. Project to Provide laboratory The science classroom The city and traffic simulation, and in 2552 changed the name of the Incubator Project Science Park.

Year 2555 - 2556 in the fiscal year 2556, when the trial is under new management structure Technopolis. With regard to achieving the vision effectively. Taking into account the role and mission The rise and adjust to more proactively. Promote integration within the group. External groups, and link tasks accordingly. Managed comprehensive (One Step Service) has lowered its financial management procedures, which will be streamlined to support the work of faculty in each of the academic subjects achieve greater efficiency.

On February 22, 2557 has approved in principle to restructure the management of Technopolis. To adjust the internal name called Technopolis. "Office of Management ..." as "office .." to drop the word "administration" out to make a more meaningful name, so it is adjusted according to the recommendation of the Council as follows: 1) Office of the Director. Technopolis 2) Office of the Basic Education Sirindhorn 3) Office of Science and Innovation Park and 4) Office of Outreach and Special Projects.